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Outfoxed in a nutshell

My Mom is searching for a flight, so she types "Airline Flights" into a search engine.

She gets back a lot of results, but how can she know which company is good?

With Outfoxed, she can say that she trusts my opinions. I've used STA before and had good experiences, so I've given them a good report. Outfoxed shows my report next to STA in her search results, and moves them to the top of the list.

(She also might see something about Orbitz. Actual screenshots of searches are here and here.)


My Mom is surfing the web and encounters a page which wants to install eWallet from GAIN software. She has never heard of it before, but it sounds pretty cool.

...But I trust Ben, who has done extensive research into spyware and has documented the behavior of this software. His bad report is shown to my Mom, along with the information that Ben is trusted by me.

Hopefully, my Mom will follow his advice and spare me the pain of trying to uninstall spyware on my next visit home. :)

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For a deeper look at Outfoxed, read the summary document or skip to the documentation section. (Worried about trusting the wrong people?) If it sound's like something you'd like to try, head straight to the download page.