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What Outfoxed is Not

Compared to other endeavours in the area of trust, Outfoxed is decidedly low-key.

Outfoxed does not attempt to model how or why people make trust or evaluative judgements. It doesn't try to predict anything. "What constitutes a dangerous page?" "What is 'High Quality'?" "How well should you know someone before you add them as an informer?" These are questions which are not addressed. In this regard, Outfoxed is similar to the many folksonomy projects that are currently en vouge. The beauty of not trying to answer these questions is that the users can use the system in any way they like. No one forces you to use a certain ontology for your tagging, and no one will tell you that you can't trust some informer because you don't know them well enough.

Also, Outfoxed never interferes. It never stops you from visiting something rated as dangerous, never forces you to visit someplace rated good. Its purpose is to expedite the normal mouth-to-mouth spread of metadata.