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Maximum Hops This value indicates how far away from you Outfoxed will search for reports. If this value is 1, then you will only receive reports from the informers you choose. If this value is 2, then you will also receive reports from the informers of those informers. And so on. The recommended value is 3.

Show status of pages on toolbar button while browsing If checked, Outfoxed will indicate the status of the current page on the toolbar button.

Add reports to search pages If checked, Outfoxed will annotate your search results with reports from your informer network. Pages will be marked as Good, Bad, or Dangerous and links will be provided to the informer who made the report.

Promote pages rated good / Demote pages rated bad or dangerous If checked, Outfoxed will change the order of your search results within a given page based on reports. The next option determines how many slots search results will be moved.

Promote/Demote by ___ positions How many positions search results will be moved based on reports. If this number is greater than the number of results on a page, then pages reported Good will be first in your search results and pages reported Dangerous/Bad will be last.

Auto-scan files under ___ Outfoxed can automatically look for reports on files that you download. Because this process can be time consuming, you can specify the largest file that will be automatically scanned. If this value is 500K (recommended), then a 400K file would be scanned but a 600K file would not.


Pre-defined values for these settings which are known to work for search engines can be found in the next section.

Regular Expression for detecting search page URL The name says it all.

XPath to search result nodes An XPath expression which will return elements which are search results when applied to the root element of the page document.

XPath to URL within search result Xpath expression that will give the <a> link which is the URL of the search result when applied to the Search Result Element found by the previous Xpath expression.

Search Result Markup The HTML which is added to a search result when a report is found. Valid variables are:
$TAB - good/bad/dangerous
$QUALITY - numeric quality rating of report
$USER_URI - URI of user giving the report
$USER_NAME - Name of user
$USER_IMAGE - URI of user's image
$PAGE_URI - URI that the report is about
$NUM_REPORTS - Total number of reports found
$REPORTS_PLURAL - "s" if there is more than one report.
$DELTA - How many slots the search result has been moved.
$USER_HOPS - How many hops the report-giver is away from the user.

Search Delta Function Javascript function which will calculate how much a report should be moved in the search results. Valid variables are:
quality - Numeric quality rating of report.
hops - How many hops the report-giver is away from the user.
magnification - Maximum number of slots a report can be moved, as specified by the user.
basis - Value of quality variable which should result in magnification slots of movement. Normally 50.