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I am running the Linux versio

I am running the Linux version of Outfoxed, but whenever it starts, it complains that it cannot start the MDDB, and that it needs to be started manually. I have no clue how to manually start the MDDB..

Algorithms are fun

I found outfoxed_mddb_server.

I found in the extension's directory, but it has a slew of oddball dependencies some of which can't even be satisfied from Debian's extensive package library - that's enough for me. No extension is worth that much grief. I'll uninstall it until someone bothers to precompile a linux server (or else, posts a detailed protocol white paper so I can write my own).

Same thing here. At the momen

Same thing here. At the moment I uninstalled outfoxed. Hopefully the next build will work.

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After installation on another

After installation on another computer I changed my server settings to "an external FTP server". I tried to changed them back to the Outfoxed server but have forgotten the orginal default values.

Can you document these and/or have a "reset" button?

Cheers .... Scott

(dig the external FTP option!! ... i'm just not ready to use it yet)

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I installed outfoxed and setu

I installed outfoxed and setup an account on a different computer, now I have installed outfoxed on another computer, but can not find any options for downloading or importing my ratings and whatnot from my account. Is it possible to use the same account on two different machines?

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