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Adding users

Outfoxed is based on RSS 1.0, the same standard used by (But with a few additions.) As such, you can add users (or any other RSS 1.0 sources) to your list of informers. To do so, you need to visit the RSS page of the user. This is normally done by clicking the RSS button on the user's page. You should see something like this on your screen:

Then open the Outfoxed sidebar and click on the "Enter Report" tab.

Because does not support page ratings or scope, reports from these pages will always be assumed to be good and with scope limited to the single page.

Informers for users

If you would like to include informers in your bookmarks, simply create a bookmark for the RSS page of the user and add the tag _RSS. (Don't forget the underscore in front, and the letters must be uppercase.) You can include any valid informer file here, not just other users.

You can also mark people who

You can also mark people who use as informers for you by including the _RSS tag when entering a report on their RSS page.