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Adding Informers

Adding an informer is simple. Any time you see an informer's name or picture, you can click on either to be taken to a page containing the informer's reports. On this page there should be a link or button saying "Add this Informer".

If this link isn't there, or if you want to include more information on an informer, open the Outfoxed sidebar while viewing an informer's page. (You can click on the Outfoxed status button to do this.) On the sidebar, click "Enter Report" and then fill out the form.

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*oops, nevermind. feel free t

*oops, nevermind. feel free to delete this.

What link do we give out to i

What link do we give out to invite someone with ourselves as the informer?

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It's a menu option: Tools-

It's a menu option:

Tools->Outfoxed->Invite a friend...

If that doesn't work for some reason, here's the nuts and bolts of the invitation URL:[your report page URL]&refererName=[your name]

I think it's important to hav

I think it's important to have that URL available so I can put it in my own blog for the uninitiated. Thanks!