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Creating and Editing Reports

  • Title Your title for this report. For web reports, this will typically be the title of the page or website that the report is about. For files, this will typically be the name of the file.
  • Scope Select whether this report is about the entire domain, a subdomain, or just one specific page. For example, you could report every page on, or just this page that you are reading now ( This option is not available for informer pages, or for non-web reports such as files and processes.
  • Quality Select the quality of content on the page or site you are reporting. There are no hard rules about what constitutes good and bad, but here are some guidelines:
    • Good Useful, funny, interesting or other high-quality content. For files, this rating indicates that it is virus-free and the unmodified.
    • Bad False information, too many advertisements, annoying pop-up windows, companies with bad social/political practices, or other poor content. For files, this rating indicates useless or annoying software, or somehow poor but non-dangerous content.
    • Dangerous Websites which install, or files which contain: Spyware, trojans, phishing, dialers, or other dangerous content.
  • Comment (Optional) Enter any text to accompany your report. Only <a>,<strong>, and <br/> tags are allowed. Ideas for what you might write: What the page is about. Why you gave it the rating you did. Links to related pages. How you found the page. Links to discussions about the page, e.g. on metafilter or fark.
  • Tags (Optional) Keywords that you associate with this site. You can then search and sort by these tags. It's the same idea as those used by